Championship Show
Held on Saturday 11th June at KCC Park, Skye
Judge Mr W. Wornall (USA)
World renowned terrier specialist

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***Puppies usually available***
Mature dogs currently available***

Contact the secretary for more information or click on the Breeders directory link above and the email link will take you direct to the Breeder.


2015/2016 Committee

President: M. Elliott

Vice-Presidents: H. Fleischhammel, L. Clark

Secretary, Puppy Registrar
& Public Officer:

Ken Campbell
Sunshine Victoria 3020
Mobile 0414 804 416

Assistant Secretary: R. Fleischhammel

Treasurer: J. Campbell

Committee: C. Clark, K. Lee, E. Sleigh

Journal Editor/Publicity: K. Campbell

Life Members:
Mrs J. Campbell, Mrs L. Clark, Mr A. Laidler
 Mr. K. Price




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Website updated Wednesday 20 April 2016 




Contact Details

Fox Terrier Club of Victoria Inc.
All inquiries for breeders or puppies contact:
Secretary: Ken Campbell
Mobile 0414 804 416

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